Fuel Trolley 95 L

Fuel trolley Exo 95 l with flashback arrester, with hand pump, dimensions: 100 x 59 x 43 cm. It is suitable for use under ADR c) for single site refueling by a person in the course of their main business and container constructed from high density electrically conductive polyethylene to eliminate static.

Fuel trolley 60 l and 95 l

– flashback arrester
– integral grip and carry handles
– filling cap with integral breather valve
– delivery hose with stop valve
– handpump 25 l/min and nozzle
– with electric pump 12 V, 25 l/min, automatic delivery nozzle, 4.1 m cable with battery terminals
– Trolley 95 l: 300 mm diameter pneumatic tyres, air-filled, all-terrain; 3,2 m delivery hose
– Trolley 60 l: 240 mm diameter tyres; 2,7 m delivery hose
– internal baffle
– integral nozzle holder
– Trolley 95 l: moulded recesses for strapping during transport

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