Dolphin is a wireless gauge and make the periodical measurement of the fluid level in a tank. It configures automatic level alarms in your email. To consult the fluid levels through the web site or the «DieselPlus Tanks» App available for Android and IOs.


  • Protection: IP-65
  • Compatible fluids: any fluid with the fire point >40º
  • Connectivity: GPRS (SIM included) or Sigfox
  • Working temperature: -10 ºC to +50 ºC
  • Connectivity: Sigfox network
  • Reading frequency: 1 transmission per hour · 2 per day
  • Supply System: 3.6 V lithium battery (4 years)
  • Accuracy: ± 1% mm (in the level tank height)
  • Reading resolution: 5 mm


Wireless (GPRS) or wireless through the Sigfox network. Consult the data in the web site or the «DieselPlus Tanks» App installed in your smartphone.
DieselPlus allows:

  • The reading of the tank level
  • Multiaccess from different devices
  • Automatic data reception of the tank state in your email
  • Minimum level alarms
  • Maximum level alarms
  • Filling alarms
  • Level drop alarms
  • Alarm history
  • Data export in *.csv or *.txt format
  • Grouping the tanks by zones, installations, …
  • Making a register of inputs by supplier, cost, amount, …
  • Having a supplier register

Size and weight (approx.):

  • Dim.: 100×215 mm (Ø x H)
  • Weight: 0.40 kg

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